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 ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN MY COUNTRY OF BIRTH YAY!!!!! :) I’m feeling TWEENTY - Tooo (lol well Twenty ALSO) :)

A serious girl, when she finds someone who calms her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will love you so fiercely, it will defy even her own logic and reasoning.
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Domhnall Gleeson, who I previously did not know…


Is super super adorable in “About Time” but they, number one started his story at age 21 and two made him extra lanky and pale and dorky and awkward. And so when I came out of the movie to look up that oh so adorable dweeb ginger who played Tim, I was completely unprepared for this…


and this


as well as the beard porn


and the sigh… eyes…


and the-





Christian Siriano F/W 2013


Christian Siriano F/W 2013

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Daniel this is you ….

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The Republican Plan for Women: Barefoot, Pregnant, and Economically Dependent →

This makes me scared for my own health and well being- I don’t want to be an ewe, a pregnant, economically unadvantaged, dependent on my husband woman. I am independent and I can make my own choices.

I’ve never lived alone

I’ve been to camp, I’ve had roommates, I’ve lived with my parents

but I’ve never lived alone.

I’ve never had to think what’s for dinner in a way where I walk into the supermarket and am planning dinner for the whole week
I’ve never had to worry about a leak in the bathroom a counter that wasn’t fully clean.

Now I sound like some rich kid with maids- I wasn’t. I would take out the trash at home get the mail do the dishes. But it wasn’t more than a chore something I would do to get my allowance to help out my mom or just be useful with my free time.

Now I am an adult. I wash my dishes. I take out the trash. I worry about forgetting to lock my apartment. I go to work in the morning and return at night. And after 19 years of company in my home I sit down for dinner alone.

listening to the whir of my computer as I try to connect with my home my family my friends even a random stranger to cleanse this loneliness of mine.

Echo to the World: I remember… When I was a child I always thought my soulmate would be... →

This is such truth such insight <3


I remember…
When I was a child I always thought my soulmate would be the woman I lost my first everything to,
But I threw away those ideals the moment the hormones came raging
And since then, my lips have been graced by a couple wonderful women
And I’ve known all kinds of love-not only from…


This is an accurate representation of tumblr late at night.

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