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My life seems to be going in a positive direction:

science world is in check because I’m finally getting published, I had my name on a poster at an international conference, the postdocs have asked me questions about my knowledge, I’m taking classes that are actually interesting and useful for my career.

Student government world: I’m getting a lot closer to a few new people in AS and its bringing me to understand more perspectives

boy world: its happening whether it means to meet new guys that are into me that make me feel fantastic about myself or the guy that has been around for a while whether it be in a friends or more way its been a boost to my mood and confidence

my big: although having a range of ups and downs before now I have a big that loves me til the end of the earth and knows everything perfectly about me. And finding out that my pre approval big (she wanted me too <3 but grades are hard) is gonna be really close friends with me is going to be fantastic :D.

sorority world: yes our recruitment outfits may not be a the best thing to happen ever but outfits or not I have a few amazing sisters I swear at this point in my life I’m practically picking out bridesmaids. Some of the best girls I have met are in this chapter and I love that I always have a reason to hang out with them.

and of course I have a vacay coming up soon! Very very soon! less than 2 days away!!!!

But I wrote this mostly to express that I’m going to be writing product reviews about the subscription boxes that I got also of the samples and products that I get from various sources XD


Don’t Be Sad, Look At These Baby Ducks

If you didn’t already know, baby ducks are pretty much precious little nuggets of joy. They have been clinically proven to cure depression and disease and all other problems because they are perfect.For now we will cure your sadness. In order to do so, you simply have to look at the following pictures of them. It’s an intense journey. Prepare yourself.

All the cuteness via BuzzFeed

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I like cancelled plans. And empty bookstores. I like rainy days and thunderstorms. And quiet coffee shops. I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings.
— note to self  (via khadlja)

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Marry someone who can make you laugh in public and scream in bed.
— Me giving my friend relationship device  (via justmiraa)

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i just want this &lt;3

i just want this <3


Hamda al Fahim Fall/ Winter 2014 Collection

beautiful <3

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So I’m finally ready to admit … I kinda like you … maybe but definitely not ready to say this to your face… although its cute and all.

Let me submit some proof on this topic.

1.Friday I had a blast at Sun God … I still can’t stop talking about it (and probably won’t shut up about how I twerked with diplo for the next bajillion years and all the other important but secondary to this fact details) but a part that struck a chord with me was you wanted to hang out with me right after …. yes you were a little out of it as was I -but you offered your DD to chauffeur me back to your place and wanted me to come over. Of course I ended up being reasonable and stayed at my best friends place but the thought counts… also I was like well I shall see you tomorrow anyways

2. Saturday When I woke up slightly groggy from the previous nights festivities I was a bit excited to see you okay maybe a bit more than a bit….  so I was cleaning and prepping but then I got the text :’( you felt a bit sick. I was a bit upset- I made plans to go to the pool and burn my butt off … but actually. And so to fill my evening I went to go get coffee with a friend (read as stranger) who had some interest in me. It was a big let down when he got there he lacked your basic understanding of biology (aka all that is holy in my world *yes there are other things but with biology being the basis of life its a pretty big fucking deal*) and your awesome looking auburn brown hair . so yeah you look good I admit it. But for some reason or conversation wasn’t as genuine and heartfelt it seemed like he wanted to know about the one thing I didn’t care to share … but did because I am an open book. On out first date we had so much to talk about we talked for 5 hours straight and it flowed and we still didn’t say everything. You spent that time getting to know me instead of plotting your next move which you did oh so skillfully. 

3. Sunday I got some stupid texts from said friend and I ignored them knowing exactly what questions he would ask me because he was predictable. I spent most of my day curled up from the sun burn studying. In the evening in a hope of finding time for us to meet next week I started sending you snapchats about the study break that I need and you told me you needed one too and as you asked if I was in the library I was on my way out…. So hoping that you were in the library and going to rescue me from the boredom of my lab I returned back only to find out you were at home. I even offered you a study break of me and you agreeded and of course my common sense said go home.

4. Monday  creepy friend texted me and tried to get me to answer questions I didn’t want to and I did answer and then I just realized how sleazy it all was. I was at work for 7 hour today … no not 7 but 7:30 because lunch time at work is still at work. The first thing I do when I come to work is check my email and I got an email about a journal club concentrated on the subject you are studying. It made me smile and also proceed to spend my next 7.5 hours as giddy as a school girl thinking about you. And then I sent a text and you didn’t respond so I sent a snap chat chat and then you came to life to such a point that you admitted that you wanted me over but had too much work to do. Little did you know that I kinda find it sexy when you blow me off a bit for work it shows how passionate you are about what you are doing and makes me feel okay for blowing people off to go study myself :P

5. Tuesday hopefully I will see you and get to ask you to come to a party with me and in my perfect world you will say yes and I shall be happy and in an even more perfect world it might just be a good segaway into bigger things

 ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN MY COUNTRY OF BIRTH YAY!!!!! :) I’m feeling TWEENTY - Tooo (lol well Twenty ALSO) :)

A serious girl, when she finds someone who calms her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will love you so fiercely, it will defy even her own logic and reasoning.
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Domhnall Gleeson, who I previously did not know…


Is super super adorable in “About Time” but they, number one started his story at age 21 and two made him extra lanky and pale and dorky and awkward. And so when I came out of the movie to look up that oh so adorable dweeb ginger who played Tim, I was completely unprepared for this…


and this


as well as the beard porn


and the sigh… eyes…


and the-





Christian Siriano F/W 2013


Christian Siriano F/W 2013

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